March- a Month of Madness!

Hi sweet pals! You know that feeling you have when a new month starts? The feeling that it’s a clean slate and you’ll have some do-overs, or even some time to really focus on what is important? The month of March is SO not that month for me. Not only is it my son’s birthday month, but it’s also my mom’s and mine! Lots of celebrating and parties going on this month, and to make it even more complex, we toss in Spring Break and a mini vaca at the end of the month and whew- it’s a whirlwind.

My mom hit a milestone this March by turning 29 for the 31st time, so in true BTSCo. fashion, we are doing the most fab family dinner for her this weekend. Everything from flowers, cocktail napkins, even party favors have been thought of. The dinner is going to be a local eatery and I’ll have pics from the party later next week.

There are even a few surprises up my sleeve for the birthday girl. They include hand written notes from over 60 family members and pals. Truly a fun weekend will be had by all! Stay tuned for the pics. It’s going to knock your sock off. Here’s a little tease of the invite we created.