London, Baby!

If you follow me on Twitter (@BTSCO) or Instagram (betweenthesheetsco), you know that I recently went to London to visit my brother and his lovely British wife. And I am here to tell you sweet reader, it was a much needed trip. I boarded the plane ALONE, that's right, folks. No husband, no kids. It was a trip just for me. When I visit places, I like to see how they use paper and other substrates in everyday life. How do they advertise or make a statement? It didn't take long to spot some super cool stuff.

In fact, this sweet car was just down the street from their home near Notting Hill. A SmartCar, covered in greenery (faux), but still. AMAZING!

Next up, my sis-in-law took me to get a pedi and then onto lunch at a quaint little place in SoHo. I like to describe the eatery as a "down home cookin'" type place, but it was oh-so much more than that. And the menus? Printed on a nice, thick, speckle-toned stock. Just perfect for the atmosphere.

Walking through Portabello Market, you should see all the crazy stuff they sell! I absolutely loved stopping in to fabulous furniture stores, browsing the many outdoor vendors booths and checking out the sweet treats. One of my favorite stops: a veggie stand. The veggies were lush, ripe, and smelled so fresh. In the US, you go to a farmer's market and you see an array of veggie's, but packaged like this? I think not.

If you haven't been to London, I am telling you to run, no sprint to the nearest airport and hop a plane. It's a beautiful city, lots of culture, and so many sites to see. Until next London, Toodles!