Ice Bucket?

So, if you haven't heard of the ice bucket challenge benefiting ALS, you may consider coming out from under that rock you've been living under. It's going on everywhere- kids, teens, even granny's are taking part in this wonderful grass roots initiative.

For those of you who have dumped the bucket o'ice on your head- good on you! (Did you donate, too?)

To honor those who have lost the battle or are fighting ALS, we've decided to add a little sumthin' extra.

For each ice bucket sold between now and November 1, 2014 we will donate to ALS so researchers and doctors can find a cure. 1 bucket = $10; 20 buckets = $200. You get the idea.

You can order your bucket here. These buckets make great gifts so do a little Christmas shopping and know that you are doing something to make a difference.