Shark Valentine, It was O-fish-ally sweet!

My house these days is all about sharks. Shark birthday, shark noises, shark books from the library. Only fitting that the dude wanted shark valentines! In true fashion, I recruited my mom and brother to assist with this one. I needed to cut 20 sharks, hot glue clothespins, insert candy and slap a label on. To say it was a process is putting it lightly.

With my helpers in tow, it took us about an hour to get these valentine's made and they were the talk of the classroom! My sweet boy was so excited to hand them to all his pals!

Candy-; Clothespins and Glitter paper- Michaels; Labels- Between the Sheets Co.

shark valentine DIY candy sticker label boy

Cue the Confetti!

Have you ever been a fan of something for so long (like, since the 80's) and then all of the sudden in the year 2014ish it becomes wildly popular? Back when I was decorating my oldest sons bedroom, I chose this really fun chevron print for his curtains and what do you know...Chevron became the most popular pattern about a year later.

So, since the 80's, I've loved parties. I never knew that my passion would become parties or even a business at that, but I knew I'd take after my mom in styling parties and love planning them! It was during a session at Stationery Academy in 2011 when I was really able to drill down to what moved me in my paper business. Sure, I still love the hand written note, planners and calendars, but my true love is the art of the party.

As a graduate of not one, but two Stationery Academy conferences, I just adore the gals who speak, schedule and put the whole sha-bang on! This next class of attendees is going to be getting some fun goodie bags each day and I hope my treat of glittered confetti sticks, handmade my moi, adds a little sparkle to their weekend!

Dino Serving Plate Tutorial

OMG, ya'll. This is seriously the easiest thing to make...All you need is 15 minutes, a hot glue gun, melamine plate, and a figurine you can cut.

Step 1: Buy a melamine plate, one that is light enough to be held by a plastic toy. Buy the toy and mark where you are going to cut.

Step 2: Cut with a really sharp saw or knife (I used a knife for a cleaner cut.)

Step 3: Heat up the glue gun (preferably the high heat temp kind) and glue the "base" aka feet end of the toy to the bottom of your plate.

Step 4: Make sure the leg/base is glued really well before turning it over. When it's good and dry, glue the head or topper onto the top of the plate.

Voila! You now have a fabulous serving tray, custom to your party guests!