Cue the Confetti!

Have you ever been a fan of something for so long (like, since the 80's) and then all of the sudden in the year 2014ish it becomes wildly popular? Back when I was decorating my oldest sons bedroom, I chose this really fun chevron print for his curtains and what do you know...Chevron became the most popular pattern about a year later.

So, since the 80's, I've loved parties. I never knew that my passion would become parties or even a business at that, but I knew I'd take after my mom in styling parties and love planning them! It was during a session at Stationery Academy in 2011 when I was really able to drill down to what moved me in my paper business. Sure, I still love the hand written note, planners and calendars, but my true love is the art of the party.

As a graduate of not one, but two Stationery Academy conferences, I just adore the gals who speak, schedule and put the whole sha-bang on! This next class of attendees is going to be getting some fun goodie bags each day and I hope my treat of glittered confetti sticks, handmade my moi, adds a little sparkle to their weekend!

I'm So Excited! And I Just Can't Hide It!

Pals! Today I get to attend through the interwebs, a series of very educational and helpful webinars through Alt Summit. I am so excited to be a part of Alt for Everyone- a web based learning group. Through the growth of my company, I've attended a few business conferences, one of them including Stationery Academy. These events are excellent as not only are you gaining valuable knowledge, you are also meeting other women with the same goals and work ethic. It's truly a fabulous and exciting time here at Between the Sheets!

xoxo erin