Chalkboard Sign- A Party Must!

I am excited to announce the next big thing from Between the Sheets Co. Chalkboard Signs! It's a party must! Great for the first birthday, or the 16th! Graduation, engagement, new job, baby shower, sip-n-see, or any other celebration! The poster can be customized to fit your event and is printed directly onto foam core. Measuring 18 x 24" this makes a great backdrop and keepsake for your guest of honor! Email us for more info!

chalkboard sign birthday boy

Sneak Peek: Baby Boy Baseball Shower

Whenever a client hires me to do a party for them, I go all out. As I've said before though, the first piece of the party the guests will see is the invitation so it is IMPERATIVE that the invite grab their attention and make them want to see the rest of the detail put into the event.

This client is showering her sister-in-law with a baby shower, baseball themed. (And with all boys in my house, this was right up my alley!) More to come after the event...I cannot wait to show off the party details!

baseball shower baby boy custom invite

Shark Valentine, It was O-fish-ally sweet!

My house these days is all about sharks. Shark birthday, shark noises, shark books from the library. Only fitting that the dude wanted shark valentines! In true fashion, I recruited my mom and brother to assist with this one. I needed to cut 20 sharks, hot glue clothespins, insert candy and slap a label on. To say it was a process is putting it lightly.

With my helpers in tow, it took us about an hour to get these valentine's made and they were the talk of the classroom! My sweet boy was so excited to hand them to all his pals!

Candy-; Clothespins and Glitter paper- Michaels; Labels- Between the Sheets Co.

shark valentine DIY candy sticker label boy

Party Recap- Boy Book Club: Dinosaurs Before Dark

We've gone and done it again. Another book club "discussion" in the books. This time, we tried to do less snacks and more talking, which worked really well! I asked a mama to lead the group in talking about the book and she did an excellent job!

The book we read this time was one of time travel and dinos. What's not to love? Since I kept this party a little more about the book, the food was pretty easy.

I purchased fruit punch for the "hot lava" and used my nifty round ice balls (found here) to freeze mini dino's in and drop into the dispenser. I used a green bucket for the dino toenails aka Bugles. The "something sweet" were super easy slice and bake sugar cookies, stamped with footprints from a plastic dinosaur toy. The cookie plate...I made! I'll share a tutorial on the next blog on how to make this super cute serving piece! And for the party favor (yes, of course I did one!), I spray painted mini dino's and baby jar tops and filled the glass jars with Sixlets...or dino eggs.

On the table, I scattered a few mini dino's and some temporary tattoos, another hit with these boys! The backdrop I used were felt circles sewn together with clear thread- thanks to my mom for this!

The boys had a blast reliving the tale from Mary Pope Osborne, author of the Magic Treehouse series. I cannot wait to find out what the next book is!

A Book Club for Boys

A few months back, I was watching an vlog (blog but in video form) about the differences in behavior of boys and girls in elementary school. The article hit home for me, as my house is full of boys. (Like, I'm the only chick...Bless my heart, I know.) I'd love to hear your thoughts on the video- feel free to leave me a comment below or email me.

Anyway, while watching, there were a few staggering statistics that resonated with me and actually made me take action to make sure my boys got both the education they deserved, but also the treatment they should receive by teachers and other parents. I started a neighborhood boys only book club.

This week, I hosted the first book club "party" for interested boys going into Kindergarten and First Grade at the local elementary school. I say "party" and not "meeting," because, well...It was a party. There was not an agenda, assigned seats, homework, or even a mandate to answer any questions or get involved in the discussion. It was simply to get our kids reading.

The book we chose as our first read was, Mercy Watson Fights Crime. This book is a super cute book about a pig named Mercy and you guessed it- she fights some crime. There are other books in this series, but we wanted to start out with something that would get the boys excited about reading.

The last kiddo just left my house and I am so thrilled with the turnout. Here's a sneak peak at the mini party table I set for our first book club "party." Be on the lookout next week for the party pics!