Have we mentioned how much we love parties? We are working on details for a 50th birthday celebration and couldn't wait to share the invites! 

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(C) Between the Sheets Co, LLC

(C) Between the Sheets Co, LLC

Party Recap: American Ninja, Baby!

Another party on the books. This time, it was ninja-style. Bring it on, baby! We got to design the party details for a sweet 7 year old and all his pals. Cupcake toppers and water bottle labels added the perfect touch to this boy-ish party! And his mama even ordered him some thank you notes. Atta, girl! Check out the pics below!

water bottle label custom
water bottle label custom red
cupcake topper custom ninja
party kids ninja custom labels
jaylen birthday boy

Party Recap: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

We are so lucky to work with such great clients! For this party, we supplied the party details to really pull this shindig off! Custom everything, from cupcake toppers to cups, napkins and favor can even see our melamine plate in use while the birthday boy gets sung to!

cupcake toppers custom mickey
banner custom
custom cups napkins
birthday boy mickey plate
favor sticker labels mickey party

Party Recap: SHHHAAAAARRRKKK!!!!!!

When my son told me he wanted a shark themed birthday party, I won't lie, I was a bit stumped. Having never planned an animal/fish/mammal party before, I decided to start with the venue. It was important to me to have a space where kids could enjoy the party, have an activity to participate in, but more importantly, burn off some energy! (I mean, we are talking about Kindergartners here!)

After talking with the folks at the aquarium, I decided that location would best suited for a smaller group. Next on my list, The Aqua Shop. I gave them a call and visited the store and was sold! This place was perfect. It's an indoor surf shop with a retail section as well. The Aqua Shop has bounce houses, a back room for parties, and indoor surfing. I booked the shop and began to think about the invitations.

I am a huge fan of adding "bling" or "flare" to all my invites. It's the extra detail that really makes the invitations special. For this invite, I chose to do a 4 x 9" so I could add my "flare" aka plastic shark to the back so each kid would have something to remind them of the cool party about to happen. I also hand cut shark bite marks into each invite. (Again, it's all about the details!)

Since this party was on location at The Aqua Shop, I decided to keep the dessert table simple. I ordered wave patterned fabric and had a table cloth made. The party favors were super fun sharks, sunglasses and a shark tooth candy necklace. I used the party favors to decorate the table. I had custom m&m's made, which were a hit to kids and grandparents alike! I also used Swedish Fish to accent the table.

The party was during lunch, so I brought Chick-fil-A nuggets in with chips and juice boxes. And let's not forget the fruit! I made a watermelon shark and added green grapes. I found the tutorial here. The kids were in awe (and it was SO easy!).

I ordered a sheet cake from my local bakery and asked them to make the icing look like waves because I had a great idea brewing in my mind. I found a plastic shark at Toys R Us, cut it in half like I did for my dino party (see the tutorial here), and had the cutest cake!

To get some cute pics, I ordered a diecut shark head and a personalized wooden surf board. Using these simple props made the pictures more fun to take and the kids were really interacting with each other.

custom invitation shark 3D cutout
handcut invitation shark
indoor surfing boy
tablecloth fabric shark waves
shark party table
custom m&ms shark party
shark cake birthday party
cookies shark custom icing
cut out shark face photo prop
group picture shark party custom

Chalkboard Sign- A Party Must!

I am excited to announce the next big thing from Between the Sheets Co. Chalkboard Signs! It's a party must! Great for the first birthday, or the 16th! Graduation, engagement, new job, baby shower, sip-n-see, or any other celebration! The poster can be customized to fit your event and is printed directly onto foam core. Measuring 18 x 24" this makes a great backdrop and keepsake for your guest of honor! Email us for more info!

chalkboard sign birthday boy

Party Recap- Sunshine for Ava

We have a sweet client who let us pretty much do the invite of our dreams for her daughter's first birthday. Ava, the sweet birthday gal, was the muse behind the invitation, which we designed to be more sweet and subtle, than in your face. Using the shape of the sun as another inspiration, this invitation and party was bright, fun and oh-so sweet.

For this party, we designed the invitation, food signs, 8 x 10" framed prints, banner and favor tags. Photography courtesy of Lauren Lionberger. 

sunshine invite custom
framed prints custom
framed print custom
food signs custom
birthday girl

Happy Birthday, Ava! We cannot wait to see what year two brings! xoxo

Halloween Party Planning

If there is a holiday that I absolutely love for my's Halloween! Since my oldest was 2, we've been the house on the block that has the 'pre-party.' Nothing huge, just some treats and drinks, then off to trick-or-treating!

To get myself into the spirit, I like to start thinking about my Halloween party early in September and put little things away all year long. In my office, I have plastic bins, organized by holiday, making it easy to store. It also makes it easy for me to do a quick inventory of what is on hand and what I need to purchase or borrow for the party.

This year, I am working on a super cute theme...hint: there is a lot of black and white going on. Stay tuned for pics and free downloads!

Download my party checklist here.

Think Outside the Envelope!

Almost a year ago...we designed a MOST fabulous baby shower for my cousin. I wanted to share a few pictures with you to show that invites don't just have to go into an envelope, and the baby can get other gifts besides diapers and onesies (think melamine plate and bowl set, found here). Interested in creating a party that is "outside the box?" Contact us and we'll hook you up!

Party Recap- Boy Book Club: Mercy Watson Fights Crime

Ya'll. I hosted a seriously fun book club at my house last week with a bunch of Kindergarten and First grade boys...The goal: to make reading fun!

If you know me at all, you know that I can turn any event into a party. And that's exactly what I did! I put out a little snack spread, had a few fun decorations and voila- it was a party! Check out the pics below!

The boys came over at 7:00 in the evening, and I figured they had all eaten, so I had a few snacks set out. I made pigs in a blanket using Pillsbury Crescent Rolls and their easy recipe, cut up a few bunches of green grapes, offered up potato chips, and of course something sweet- red jelly beans! I sprinkled red coins (they were chocolate!) on the table and used my red and white pottery to serve the food in.

I had these adorable custom pig cookies made by a local gal and wow- they were delish! The boys really enjoyed them!

For decoration, I propped the book on a plate stand, used my son's stuffed piggy and brought in my red toaster. Did you know that Mercy's favorite food is toast?

Here's the group posing for a picture after the discussion. Their belly's were full and smiles were plastered on each kiddos face. It was so much fun!

A Book Club for Boys

A few months back, I was watching an vlog (blog but in video form) about the differences in behavior of boys and girls in elementary school. The article hit home for me, as my house is full of boys. (Like, I'm the only chick...Bless my heart, I know.) I'd love to hear your thoughts on the video- feel free to leave me a comment below or email me.

Anyway, while watching, there were a few staggering statistics that resonated with me and actually made me take action to make sure my boys got both the education they deserved, but also the treatment they should receive by teachers and other parents. I started a neighborhood boys only book club.

This week, I hosted the first book club "party" for interested boys going into Kindergarten and First Grade at the local elementary school. I say "party" and not "meeting," because, well...It was a party. There was not an agenda, assigned seats, homework, or even a mandate to answer any questions or get involved in the discussion. It was simply to get our kids reading.

The book we chose as our first read was, Mercy Watson Fights Crime. This book is a super cute book about a pig named Mercy and you guessed it- she fights some crime. There are other books in this series, but we wanted to start out with something that would get the boys excited about reading.

The last kiddo just left my house and I am so thrilled with the turnout. Here's a sneak peak at the mini party table I set for our first book club "party." Be on the lookout next week for the party pics!