Resolution: Meal Planning

Happy New Year! How are we already half way though January?! I feel like I just finished celebrating (and putting away) Christmas! I hope this year slows down a little so we have time to stop and smell the roses!

In an effort to organize my family (and myself!), I made this super cool, printable menu planner. All you have to do is download, print it out and trim it down the middle and voila! Part 1 of meal planning is complete! To get the planner, click here and note that it will go wherever you have your 'downloads' set to save.

I'd love to hear your favorite EASY weeknight meals- post below and be entered into a drawing to win a set of personalized recipe cards! (We are feeling very generous today!) That's a $15 value just for giving us an idea for an easy meal. You.Can't.Beat.That.

Halloween Party Planning

If there is a holiday that I absolutely love for my's Halloween! Since my oldest was 2, we've been the house on the block that has the 'pre-party.' Nothing huge, just some treats and drinks, then off to trick-or-treating!

To get myself into the spirit, I like to start thinking about my Halloween party early in September and put little things away all year long. In my office, I have plastic bins, organized by holiday, making it easy to store. It also makes it easy for me to do a quick inventory of what is on hand and what I need to purchase or borrow for the party.

This year, I am working on a super cute theme...hint: there is a lot of black and white going on. Stay tuned for pics and free downloads!

Download my party checklist here.

Free Downloadable Packing List

Happy day, pals! I am getting my family ready for a fun summer vacation to Durango! It's been a while since I've had to pack for cooler climates and boy am I excited! When I started my list of all the items I needed to remember to pack for the boys, I realized that this would be MUCH easier if I had a simple, pre-printed list to fill in and check off. (If you know me, my lists are made on various pieces of paper, then combined...not ideal.) I found I was scribbling down items and "don't forgets" all over the place. So, I decided this would be a wonderful time to make a free downloadable packing list for all your summer vacationers out there.

You can download the PDF here. Happy Trails!