A Book Club for Boys

A few months back, I was watching an vlog (blog but in video form) about the differences in behavior of boys and girls in elementary school. The article hit home for me, as my house is full of boys. (Like, I'm the only chick...Bless my heart, I know.) I'd love to hear your thoughts on the video- feel free to leave me a comment below or email me.

Anyway, while watching, there were a few staggering statistics that resonated with me and actually made me take action to make sure my boys got both the education they deserved, but also the treatment they should receive by teachers and other parents. I started a neighborhood boys only book club.

This week, I hosted the first book club "party" for interested boys going into Kindergarten and First Grade at the local elementary school. I say "party" and not "meeting," because, well...It was a party. There was not an agenda, assigned seats, homework, or even a mandate to answer any questions or get involved in the discussion. It was simply to get our kids reading.

The book we chose as our first read was, Mercy Watson Fights Crime. This book is a super cute book about a pig named Mercy and you guessed it- she fights some crime. There are other books in this series, but we wanted to start out with something that would get the boys excited about reading.

The last kiddo just left my house and I am so thrilled with the turnout. Here's a sneak peak at the mini party table I set for our first book club "party." Be on the lookout next week for the party pics!