An 85th Birthday Dinner...Sissy's Style

Milestones. Riding your bike without training wheels. Reading your first Judy Blume book without help. Finishing the 1000 piece puzzle. Turning 85.

This weekend, we celebrated my sweet grandmothers 85th birthday. Thinking about all she's seen in her life, from riding horses to school, to driving a car. The Pony Express to a full service USPS, FedEx and UPS. Presidents elected into office, then impeached. The right to vote. Cell phones and computers. She's been through 10 decades full of changes and we absolutely had to celebrate her.

I designed sweet invitations and sent them off to the family. (I added an envelope liner for a small pop of detail.) I asked my "cookie girl" to make 8's and 5's so each guest would have a party favor. I decided upon a simple, yet fun and very Southern venue for dinner- Sissy's Southern Kitchen. Delicious!!!

The intimate party went off without a hitch and this spry woman was on top of the world. (After she had her key lime pie, of course!) Happy Day, Gran!